Dr. Sabin's Earth and Space Science Homework

Here is a brief study guide for the Earth and Space Science final exam:

Know the types of life that dominated during Precambrian time and the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras.
Know what is important about the Cambrian Period.
Know the evidence Wegener offered for the idea of Continental drift.
Know the laws, principles and methods of geologic dating.
Know how earthquakes occur.
Know the types of volcanoes.
Know the how to design good quality scientific research.
Know the functions of Kepler’s laws.
Know the distinctive feature of the major and minor solar bodies.
Know the major evidence for the big bang theory.
Know how streams form and change over time.
Know the methods of water conservation.


Due 12.18.07 / 12.19.07

Study for Unit 4 Test


Due 12.14.07 / 12.17.07

Homework "to be determined" at a future date. Stay tuned for more details.


Due 12.12.07 / 12.13.07

Prepare a brief lesson on your assigned topic; more information will be provided to you in class.


Due 12.10.07 / 12.11.07

Read and take notes for Ch 13 Section 2, pages 325-330.


Due 12.06.07 / 12.07.07

Read and take notes for Ch 13 Section 1, pages 319-324.


Due 12.04.07 / 12.05.07

No homework.


Due 11.30.07 / 12.03.07

Read and take notes for Ch 12 Section 2, pages 301-304
and Section 3, pages 305-308.


Due 11.28.07 / 11.29.07

Read and take notes for Chapter 12 Section 1, pages 294-300.
These notes do not have to be in SQ4R format.
Use whatever method you believe works best for you, but you will be graded based on the quality of your notes.


11.07.07 / 11.08.07

Science Projects are due.
You've been working on them since 09.10.07 / 09.11.07.
Here is the grading rubric for your science fair project.


First 9-weeks grades

Here is the grade distribution for the first 9-weeks.

5 students had averages of 100% or higher! Extra credit pays off.
25 students earned As.
29 students earned Bs.
18 students earned Cs.
1 student earned a D.
The average grade was 85%.


Due 10.22.07 / 10.23.07

Study for Unit 3 test
Would you like to earn some extra credit? If so, click here.


Due 10.17.07 / 10.18.07

Read 239-260 and create an SQ4R outline.


Due 10.15.07 / 10.16.07

Read 211-226 and create an SQ4R outline.


Due 10.11.07 / 10.12.07

Read pages 191-196 and create an SQ4R outline.


Due 10.09.07 / 10.10.07

Read 185-190 and create an SQ4R outline.
You may use questions at the end of the section for review, but they are not required.


Due 10.01.07 / 10.02.07

Study for Unit 2 test.


Due 09.27.07 / 09.28.07

read 790-792 and answer #2-4;
read 793-796 and answer #1-7;
read "In Defense of the Big Bang" by Neil Tyson and answer questions.


Due 09.25.07 / 09.26.07

read pages 775-780 and answer #1-9
read pages 781-788 and answer #1-12


Due 09.21.07 / 09.24.07

read pages 691-694 and answer #1-8
read pages 695-700 and answer #1-8
read pages 701-708 and answer #1-10
read "The Search for Life in the Universe" by Neil Tyson and answer the questions.


Due 09.19.07 / 09.20.07

In your textbook:
read pages 659-666 and answer #1-8 on p. 666 ;
read page 682 and answer #1-4;
read pages 685-690 and answer #1-8 on p. 690;
read "The Cosmic Perspective" by Neil Tyson and answer the questions
that are included in this PDF document .


Due 09.17.07 / 09.18.07

In your home textbook:
read pages 719-724 and answer questions #1-8 on 724;
read pages 725-732 and answer #1-11 on p. 732;
read pages 739-744 and answe #1-10 on p. 744;
complete a Compare and Contrast Matrix for:
meteor, meteoroid, asteroid and comet by their path, location and material composition.
You may use this format.


Due 09.13.07 / 09.14.07

Open this document and follow the directions.
(If you have trouble downloading the document, click this link.)
And don't forget to download the textbook from the link given in class.


Due 09.10.07 / 09.11.07

Open this document and follow the directions.


08.24.07 / 08.27.07

Design an experiment to test the following hypothesis:
"32 psi is the optimal tire pressure for a 2007 Ford Focus 4-door's gas mileage."
Be sure to identify your variables, your control and the variables that need to be controlled.
Describe what you will measure and what measurement tools you will need.
And discuss issues of accuracy, precision, reliability and validity.


08.22.07 / 08.23.07

Complete the three Frayer Diagrams for hypothesis, theory and law
(Frayer Diagrams have Definition, Characteristics, Examples and Non-examples)
and complete the two Compare and Contrast Matrixes for the branches of science and hypothesis, theory and law


08.20.07 / 08.21.07
Get the Lab Safety Contract signed.
Complete the 30 questions on the handout given in class.