Dr. Sabin's Earth and Space Science
Unit 1: Introduction to Science

Unit 1 Overview
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This outline is intended to inform students of what they will learn in this unit. The Concepts are those major scientific ideas covered in this unit. The Essential Questions are intended to guide students’ studying. Students who can provide thorough answers to the Essential Questions should be well prepared for the unit test. The Terminology includes words and terms students must understand and be able to use as appropriate to this unit.


Essential Questions
Science helps us understand our world.
How can we use science to solve problems?
Science is divided into branches
How do the branches of science work independently and interdependently to help us understand our world?
Science is a process.

What methods do scientists use to investigate and describe the world?



ethical, accuracy, experiment, precision, theory, law, geography, oceanography, astronomy, meteorology, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, open systems, closed systems, hypothesis, model, independent variable, dependent variable, control, investigation



Introduction to Science
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Scientific Inquiry
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