Science Homework Due 9/13 or 9/14

Read “To the Moon: Origins” at the NOVA website:

Respond to the following:

  1. Provide a one-sentence summary for each of the “The Big Three” hypotheses.
    1. Hypothesis 1:
    2. Hypothesis 2:
    3. Hypothesis 3:
  1. Describe why the terms “daughter,” “spouse” and “sister” appropriate nicknames for each of these hypotheses.
  1. What evidences eventually led to each hypothesis being rejected?
  1. When was this website last updated?

Be sure to continue to “The Big Whack.”

  1. What is the formal name of the “Big Whack” hypothesis?
  1. How does the development of the Big Whack illustrate the importance of scientists communicating and sharing the results of their research?

Read the article “Giant Impact Theory for Moon Formation Boosted” at:

  1. When was this article published?
  1. How does the information in this article add to the information found on the NOVA website?

Read “Basics of Critical Reading in an Argument” by Dr. L. Kip Wheeler at:

Read “First Woodshed on the Moon” at the website:

Write a brief essay comparing and contrasting the arguments used by Dr. Neil Tyson in “Why America Needs to Explore Space” (which you read last week) and Ted Balaker in “First Woodshed on the Moon.” Be sure to utilize some of the critical reading devices described in Dr. Wheeler’s critical reading document.