Dr. Sabin's Earth and Space Science
Unit 3: Geologic Time
Extra Credit
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If you would like to earn extra credit, here is your chance.
You will need to create an account with Explore Learning.
In order to register, you need to know the class code for your particular class. Here are the codes:

PETP's code is FJ9SDYMNS
Dark Matter's code is FMXCGIUXS
Asterisk's code is FLZRWJ2QS
Crater Crackin's code is FHCYTYU7S
Nondescripts's code is FK7CYRFUS
Moon Pies's code is FL4XJR9AS

Once you have your class's code, click this link to open the site.
Click the "Enroll in a class here" click at the top right of the page.
Create an account and enroll in the appropriate class.
Once you are enrolled, you will be able to complete the first Gizmo (an activity).
Depending on which class you are in, your Gizmo will be called either
"Half-life," "Continental Drift," "Plate Tectonics," or "Geologic Time."
Once you find your Gizmo, simply click "launch gizmo."
You may need to download Adobe Shockwave. You can find a link for that free program at the bottom of the page.
Play with the Gizmo and answer the questions.
Your score will be sent to me, so don't worry about printing anything.
If you have any questions, explore the site and figure out the answer to your questions.